Safety is our top priority. We have an excellent safety record, certified operators and full insurance coverage.


  • Capacity from 70 ton to 1000 ton.
  • Maximum height of 564 feet with a capacity of 37,300 lbs.
  • Maximum telescopic boom 200' with a capacity of 260,000 lbs.
  • Maximum telescopic radius 177' with a capacity of 50,900 lbs.
  • Maximum capacities at radius.
    • 50' Radius 464,000 lbs.
    • 100' Radius 204,000 lbs
    • 200' Radius 80,000 lbs
    • 300' Radius 38,300 lbs
    • 400' Radius 5,400 lbs

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Crane Service, Inc. Home of Colorado's Largest Crane

Proudly serving Colorado and the western United States with a variety of lifting and moving services since 1984. We have a variety of cranes from 70 ton to 1000 ton, with boom lengths up to 565 feet.

We are invested heavily in the wind turbine industry in the midwest and are constantly working to better serve our customers. To meet the need of this ever changing market we have purchased a Liebherr LG1550/LTM1800. This will be the first of its kind, and the largest crane in the Rocky Mountain region. It has the unique ability to be used as a lattice boom mobile crane rated at 700 US tons, or as a telescopic/hydraulic crane rated at 1000 US ton. This is one of the largest hydraulic cranes in the country, and due to the diversity of boom systems it is extremely versatile in any market!

700 ton Lattice truck 1000 ton Hydraulic Liebherr LG1550/LTM1800